18 Sep

Have you ever wondered what coaching is like but not had a chance to try it?

The wheel of life is a popular coaching tool that helps you get a better understanding of which areas in life you are flourishing and which could use more attention. It can also help us see how dissatisfaction or preoccupation with one area can bleed over into other areas. 

Career coaching rarely focuses only on the professional realm, as we are complex, whole people and can't separate our lives into neat boxes. If we are feeling frustration or a lack of confidence in one area, it often impacts other areas of our life. But equally, if we make small conscious changes to improve one area of our life, we can often see a notable shift in how we feel in others.

I often use this tool with my clients as it helps us both understand their drivers and obstacles and most importantly it gives them new clarity about what is and isn’t working for them in their current situation. This becomes a jumping off point for figuring out where to focus and what to do in order to improve their overall satisfaction and balance.

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You will be asked to rate several areas in your life (e.g. career, health, family, finances) from 0 to 10, with 0 being very unsatisfied and 10 being the most ideal situation you could imagine. You will also be asked what score would be enough for you - because aiming for 10/10 in every area may be an unrealistic goal. Once you have filled this in, the tool will generate a wheel for you to visualize your current situation more clearly. You will then be asked to reflect on what actions you could take to bring the various areas of your life into greater balance.

Feel free to use the tool as often as you like, and come back to it again as you make progress on your goals to see what has changed. 

And if you would like to take this exploration further, please reach out or schedule a free consultation here.