16 Oct

Are you at a crossroads in your career, feeling the urge to join the so-called "great resignation" or embark on a major career pivot? It's crucial to pause and reflect before taking that leap. In this blog post, we explore the importance of making career decisions from a place of empowerment, not desperation. We delve into the significance of understanding your values, aligning your actions with your passions, and recognizing that sometimes small tweaks can lead to more significant satisfaction. 

Understanding the Roots of Your Discontent

Before throwing in the towel, it's essential to assess what's driving your feelings of dissatisfaction. Start by checking in with your values – how well is your current work aligning with what you hold dear? Often, we contemplate major career changes because we're disheartened, but it's vital to dissect what aspects are truly not meeting our values. What's working in your current situation, and what would it take to feel more satisfied? Can you achieve this without a radical change?

Moving Toward Passion and Clarity

Changing your career path due to passion or a clear vision is a powerful thing, and in many cases it is the right thing to do. However, making a drastic change because of unhappiness requires careful consideration. It's crucial to define what you're moving towards, not just what you're moving away from. Empowerment arises from a clear, positive vision for your future.

Recognizing the Power of Tweaks

Sometimes, the desire to quit and start anew stems from feeling that something is fundamentally wrong. Before you take this drastic step, consider this: small tweaks can lead to a significant increase in satisfaction. Identifying the aspects of your current situation that are out of alignment with your values is key. By pinpointing these areas, and deciding how these values could be met within your current environment, you can take steps towards greater satisfaction without a major pivot.

Listen to Your Body and Emotions

Your body often communicates more than words can express. When contemplating a change, pay attention to how it feels in your body. Does the thought of a major career pivot make you feel excited and invigorated? What about taking on a stretch assignment to gain experience in a different department? Sometimes, the idea of something new that is meaningful can rekindle your energy, even if you're currently exhausted by your current role. Recognize the signals your body and emotions are sending you – they can be invaluable guides in your decision-making process.


Major career decisions are a significant step in your professional journey. It's important to approach these decisions from a place of empowerment, grounded in your values, passions, and a clear vision for the future. Rather than allowing frustration and unhappiness to dictate your choices, take a step back, assess your current situation, and consider whether smaller tweaks can lead to greater satisfaction. Remember, empowerment should be your guiding force. 

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